Auxiliary Heads

                                                          Pastor Chez J. Lister Sr.

Ministerial Staff ~ Min. Andrew Price and Evang. Dr. Bernitha Gales

Deacons Chairman/Men's Ministry ~ Dea. Sylvester Dupree

Deaconess President ~ Sis. Ynez Jackson

Mother's Board President ~ Mother Ethel Lewis

Jr. & Sr. Usher Board President ~ Sis. Pennye Monk

Sunday School Superintendent ~ Sis. Patsy R. Jenkins

Youth Sunday School Directress ~ Sis. Betty Burroughs

Youth & Young Adults Ministry Interim Director ~ Pastor C.J. Lister Sr.

 Youth & Young Adults Ministry President ~ Sis. Lotus Miller

Minister of Music & Leadership of Choirs ~ Dea. Vincent Arrington Sr.

Mass Choir President ~ Sis. Ellie Johnson

Mass Choir Director & Directresses ~ Pastor C.J. Lister Sr., Sis. Ellie Johnson, Sis. Stacy Burroughs, Sis. Tanja Lister

Children's Choir Directress ~ Sis. Beverly Miller

Young Adults Choir Director ~ Pastor C.J. Lister Sr.

Audio/Visual Ministry ~ Bro. Rickey Sudduth, Bro. C.J. Lister Jr., Sis. Ellie Johnson, Sis. Kei'Dra Johnson

Promotional Ministry ~ Sis. Ellie Johnson